Information Assurance Systems Administrator

Provides technical management, operations and maintenance of specialized and general Government Information Assurance (IA) systems in support of miss ion requirements.Deploys or installs hardware and software and performs troubleshooting and user assistance.Maintains user accounts, access control, and system I security configuration.Maintains operating systems and configuration of computer systems and network devices.Assists the Government with the creation of custom system environments forIA related system prototyping and development of system assessment I hardening techniques and usage of related IA software tool s.Manages file servers, web servers, email servers, directory servers, workstations, storage devices, network routing I switching devices, and firewalls to include physical and virtual instances of each.Skills and Experience RequirementsFour years of experience in one or a combination of the following areas: ? Systems Administration ? Systems Integration, ? Network Administration ? Usage, maintenance and management of IA systems and tools
A Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. Information Systems Management, or Information Assurance /Cyber security may be substituted for four years of experience.
Working knowledge of several of the following technologies: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris, Cisco lOS, Active Directory, DNS, VMWare, Disk SAN, security assessment and penetration testing tools (examples: WASSP/SECSCN, Nessus, Retina, Metasploit, BackTrack, CIS-CAT), Intrusion Detection/Prevention systems (IDS/IPS), server and network hardware and media (bladeservers, fiberchannel, and network cabling).Familiarity with system services such as web hosting, directory services, email services, and database services.

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