POSITION SUMMARY: The Executive Chef, under the direction of the Food Service Director plans, develops, organizes, implements, evaluates and supervises all aspects of food preparation and service to ensure quality food service to residents/patients, employees and visitors. He/She provides technical guidance in food preparation and service techniques. This position oversees the department functions in the absence of the Food Service Director.
1. Ensures a high level of customer service is provided. Monitors residents/patients and families to make sure that they receive the highest quality of service in an attentive and responsive atmosphere which recognizes the individuals' needs and rights. Maintains resident/patient confidentiality;
2. Assures menus, recipes and menu systems are followed to prepare meals, snacks and nourishments in accordance to prescribed resident/patient diets and requests;
3. Oversees the timely and accurate preparation of meals, snacks and nourishments. Ensures satisfaction with meals/foods served;
4. Oversees the presentation and service of meals in various dining locations and meal times. Coordinates demonstration cooking and point-of -service made to order foods;
5. Assists the Food Service Director in planning special events, celebrations, marketing events and other food related Center functions. Coordinates all aspects of the preparation and service of events and functions;
6. Adheres to all sanitary and food safety regulations governing handling and serving food. Monitors food and equipment temperatures and acts on temperatures that fall outside of appropriate ranges. Operates equipment in a safe manner;
7. Provides routine and on-going orientation and training for department personnel on food preparation, production and meal presentation;
8. Provides direct and indirect supervision of the Food and Nutrition Services personnel. Utilizes mentoring, working side-by-side and demonstration techniques to improve the skills of the department personnel;
9. Adheres to Food and Nutrition Services and Center policies and procedures;
10. Assists the Food Service Director in operating the department within budget. Follows the Company purchasing programs, food specifications and ordering system;
11. Performs assigned quality improvement functions including: audits, interviews, making the rounds with residents/patients and department personnel. Works with Food Service Director to identify opportunities for improved customer service, food production, dining program enhancements, etc.;
12. Maintains accurate records and reports including financial, payroll, quality, sanitation, safety and all other required documents;
13. Actively utilizes problem solving and critical thinking skills to assist Food Service Director in improving the food service program;
14. Concerns his/herself with the safety of all Center residents/patients in order to minimize the potential for fire and accidents. Also, ensures that the Center adheres to the legal, safety, health, fire and sanitation codes, by being familiar with his/her role in carrying out the Center's fire, safety and disaster plans and by being familiar with current MSDS;
15. Performs other duties as requested.

Don't Be Fooled

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