Sourcing Specialist

Company Name:
The Sourcing Specialist mines for quality candidates to increase talent pipelines and create better placement opportunities to assist with cutting down time-to-fill metrics. This position supports a Recruiting team through creative market research, location and identification of qualified candidates, pre-screening and maintained candidate engagement, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) data management, and resume formatting and editing.
FLSA Classification: Exempt
Primary Responsibilities:
Perform deep research of talent markets to identify best resources and allow the Recruiting team to reposition recruiting strategies as necessary.
Proactively identify qualified prospects through market research, networking, internet recruiting resources, cold calls, media, and employee referrals.
Work on behalf of the Recruiting team to engage qualified prospects into potential candidates and conduct pre-screenings.
Ensure all candidates are properly setup in the ATS, including the tagging of identified skills to provide the Recruiting team greater ease during future hires.
Review and edit candidate resumes to ensure proper formatting, consistency, clarity, grammar, and syntax.
Assist Recruiters with job posting maintenance and spend additional time on creative crafting to make the opportunities more three dimensional.
Maintain consistent contact with possible candidates to ensure they stay warm for greater ease during potential future hiring.
Maintain professional, ethical, and company standards at all times.
Job Requirements:
Confident and articulate oral communicator with excellent interpersonal skills.
Competitive attitude.
Strong written communication, including the ability to edit for consistency, clarity, grammar, and syntax.
Excellent research skills with a strong ability to organize material, rapidly assimilate information, and provide guidance and direction.
Technology savvy with the ability to master new technologies as needed.
Proficient at MS Office.
Attention to detail and accuracy.
Ability to adapt to a changing environment.
Strong demonstrated ability to prioritize, a commitment to tight deadlines, and the ability to multi-task.
Evidence of the practice of a high level of confidentiality.
Education and Experience:
Bachelor's degree in Communications, English, Business Administration, or related field; or the equivalent combination of education and/or experience.
Travel Requirements:
Minimal travel (

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