Lead Analyst, Construction

Company Name:
National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care
Position Type:
The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) is an Annapolis, Md., based nonprofit that is committed to advancing the quality and availability of seniors housing and care options for America's elders. A leader in research and data for the seniors housing and skilled nursing real estate healthcare investment industry, NIC is looking for the person who is detail oriented, highly organized, and passionate about digging into details to join our company as a full-time Lead Analyst in the area of Construction.
This successful candidate will be responsible for leading and managing overall construction data collection as it pertains to the senior housing industry. We want someone who will be professional and personable with impeccable communication, motivational and leadership skills; has solid research and analytical skills; and has shown the ability to demonstrate strong project management skills, supervisory skills, and produce high-quality work consistently.
Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities:
Leads the overall construction data collection effort.
Manages lead flow to construction researchers and ensures leads are followed up accordingly.
Captures new construction starts through online sources.
Investigates new sources of information and reconciles inconsistent information.
Confirms property data from developers and operators via telephone and email interviews.
Create and Manage a proprietary database with information gathered

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