Oracle Database - WebLogic Administrator

JIS Oracle Database - WebLogic Administrator
1. Background
In support of the Maryland judicial system, the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) oversees and implements court policies established by the Chief Judge, the Court of Appeals, and the General Assembly. A division within the AOC is the Judicial Information Systems (JIS) Division. Located in Annapolis, MD, JIS is comprised of six units including application development and support, hardware installation and maintenance, operation of the Data Center computer systems, and support of online case management and business applications at the District and Circuit Courts across the state. The AOC is soliciting proposals to procure the services of Oracle Database - WebLogic Administrator to assist in JIS projects
2. Expertise Requirements
The candidate requires demonstrated experience in:
Expert knowledge of Oracle WebLogic 11.x application servers with respect to installation, configuration, security administration, and management of administration and managed servers.
Knowledge of OC4J application servers with respect to maintenance, data source, security configuration and migration paths.
Hands on experience with Oracle Single Sign on, Identity Management, SSL certificate offloading, and load balancer redirection at the URL and port level.
Hands on experience with SQL, PL/SQL, Java and other high level languages.
Hands on experience with UNIX scripting languages (korn shell).
Familiarity with IBM AIX UNIX and partitioned and virtual servers.
Hands on Experience with BI Publisher with respect to installation and configuration.
Hands on experience with Oracle Access Manager (OAM), Oracle Identity Management (OIM), OAAM in a web logic environment.
Ability to refresh PeopleSoft environments from one server to another server as a DBA.
Ability to migrate data, environments, and applications from one environment to another.
Hands on experience with LDAP protocol, roles and groups and how they are used in both WebLogic and OC4J environments.
Ability to migrate LDAP users from one environment to another environment.
Ability to troubleshoot and diagnose complex application server problems extremely quickly.
Experience with Service Oriented Architecture as it is implemented with Java and Oracle Application servers.
At least 10 years of hands on experience in an Oracle Application Server based environment.
Ability to propose alternative architectures and implementations with respect to applications in an Oracle Weblogic environment
Experience with Weblogic node manager for server shutdown and startup
Experience with high availability architecture such as Oracle RAC, DataGuard, Load balanced application servers, and replication.
Experience with Oracle database and application server performance monitoring using Oracle Enterprise Manager.
Experience with Weblogic Scripting Language
3. Place of Performance
All work shall be performed at the Maryland Judiciary's JIS Department located at 2661 Riva Road, Suite 900, Annapolis, Maryland 21401, unless otherwise authorized.
4. Hours of Work
Hours of work are the normal operational hours. The CR is expected to conform to customer agency normal operation hours from 8:00am to 4:30pm (EST). The JIS Project Manager or Department/Senior Manager must approve work prior to or after normal operation hours.

Don't Be Fooled

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