Deputy Project Manager

ITnova has an immediate opening for an Deputy Project Manager for the New Voting System Replacement Project (NVSR).
The Deputy Project Manager will split the project time between the two project areas, ElectionWare implementation and the Agency's legacy EMS systems. The Deputy Project Manager project ElectionWare implementation work will be managed by the NVSR Sr. Project Manager and the Agency legacy EMS preparation and execution will be managed by the SBE Program Manager. The Program Manager and Sr. Project Manager will coordinate the work required for the Deputy Project Manager. The Deputy Project Manager will work with the Sr. Project Manager to identify any work that may need to be performed by other project team members.
The DPM is responsible for coordinating the efforts of the SBE, NVSR and vendor teams to implement the voting system Election Management (EM) portion of NVSR. The EM portion refers to 2 large scale applications, Agency Election Management System (AEMS) and the ES&S Electionware Suite (ESS), as well as all the interfaces to other Agency election systems and the Voting System Hardware.
The implementation must provide a full Election Management Capability including technology, processes and people.
The measures of success for the position are:
o Driving the implementation of EM to a successful completion
o Driving an on-time implementation
o Providing ongoing information in a timely way to the NVSR SPM and PMO
o Contributing to a harmonious working environment
ElectionWare Implementation
o Stand-up the Election Management Project within NVSR by drafting and getting approval for a project charter, and planning and facilitating a kick-off meeting.
o Coordinate the efforts of all participants including the NVSR team, SBE Election Management, SBE Voting Systems, SBE IT, and contractors ES&S and CSC.
o Develop and manage a set of EM tasks to be part of the NVSR Project Schedule. Tasks will include all project disciplines required to implement EM, including planning, design, development, implementation, testing, training and documentation. Some tasks may be under the schedule management of other NVSR specialties such as testing or training.
o Ensure that all EM tasks are properly structured, without gaps or overlap, with clear management of dependencies, and specific assignment of each task to a responsible person.
o Manage the EM tasks by tracking progress, monitoring completion dates, and taking required action when tasks fall behind schedule.
o Promote information sharing between all project participants.
o Support the NVSR Senior Project Manager and the PMO by providing periodic status reports, and promptly escalating critical issues.
o Ensure that the EM business process is documented, and is used to drive the integrity of training plans, integration plans, and all other project deliverables.
o Promote communication across all participants
Agency EMS Project
o Ensure coordination between projects and systems including NVSR, MDVOTERS, and any other project or system.
o Define/Update, coordinate, and document the full business workflow process for the legacy EMS functionality.
o Manage the stakeholders and their project and communication needs.
o Manage the project work for the CSC technical resources.
o Coordinate the completion of technical, operational, and election documentation which includes manuals, forms, quick-reference guides, etc. Also includes ensuring the proper storage requirements of documentation.
o Ensure adherence to the project scope and formally manage any changes to the scope of the project.
o Coordinate the gathering of all functional and technical requirements making sure that all requirements are addressed and tested.
o Coordinate the project Work Breakdown Structure to make sure that all deliverables and tasks for the project are accounted for and addressed. The defined deliverables and tasks are then to be managed and tracked in the project schedule.
o Responsible for the completion of all the Maryland System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) requirements for the project.
o Coordinate any of the technical and user training needed.
o Manage and prioritize the risks and issues associated with the project.
o Coordinate the unit, integration, system, Mock Election, and any applicable pilot testing requirements for the project.
o Ensure that implementation is complete in time for the 2016 Presidential Primary election.
o Coordinate quality assurance measures into the project to make sure processes are working as expected.
o Provide the requirement status and other project reports either on a scheduled or adhoc basis.
o Perform other NVSR project related tasks and duties as assigned.

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